The Click has passed the 1,000-user mark!

The Click project was launched in Antwerp on 1 July and in De Haan at the Belgian coast on 14 July and has already reached over 1,000 users during the summer months, proof that the people are on board! The app is easy, efficient and intuitive, with a fun side that appeals to people and makes them want to join in. The Click will be launched in Namur on 1 September and is set to expand gradually to other major cities in the country.

The concept is simple: everyone is invited, at any time, to deal with packaging waste properly when they are eating on the go or they come across litter. Belgium is already ahead of the game when it comes to sorting at home, so why not follow suit when people are out and about?
The Click aims to create a virtuous circle and reward good sorting. Waste management is made easier by an innovative and intuitive app. All you have to do is scan the packaging before throwing it in the appropriate bin to collect a virtual coin that can be used in local businesses.

So the Click also boosts the local economy, which has suffered badly in recent months with the COVID-19 crisis.
The Click project is easy to find in the centre of the participating cities because the bins are decorated in magenta and stickers show the way. Participating local businesses are proud to display the fact, too. You don’t have to go far to find somewhere to exchange the Circular UCoins.
Fost Plus, which is behind this project, undertakes to collect these bins or sorting islands separately and send them to a dedicated pre-sorting centre where the PMD fraction is extracted from the residual wast. This will then follow the usual recycling path along with PMD collected from homes.
With the Click, Fost Plus encourages members of the public to make a ‘mental click’, a positive action, rewards them for helping to protect the environment and aims to achieve widespread public cleanliness.

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