L’Oréal staff do the ‘Click’ in Antwerp during Citizen Day

On Monday, 18 October, staff at L’Oréal Belgium took part in a ‘Click’ action in Antwerp. As part of the L’Oréal Citizen Day, about ten of the company's employees rolled up their sleeves and went out to collect litter in the streets of the city and to encourage passers-by to use the ‘Click’ app.

Every year since 2010, L’Oréal has offered its staff across the world an opportunity to take part in a civic action to support local organisations. For one day, they devote their time and skills to volunteer work. This year, here in Belgium we were delighted to see that a group of 10 staff members decided to get involved in the Click project in Antwerp from among the various actions proposed. For L’Oréal, which is committed to constantly improving the recyclability of its packaging and to increasing awareness of the importance of sorting, this involvement in the Click made sense.

The group was divided into two. Some of them collected litter in the busiest areas of city (Meir, the student district, etc.) and scanned it using the app. The others undertook to convince passers-by to adopt the ‘Click’, explaining the project to them and helping them to download the app and sign up.

The action proved successful. In one day, the L’Oréal staff convinced over 130 members of the public (mainly students) to join the Click community. The clean-up operation had a positive impact too: over 50 items of litter were identified and thrown in the appropriate bin.

L'oreal maakt de click