How does the Click work?

Step 1

Log in to the Click web application 
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Step 2

Everything is recyClickable! Scan the litter item you come across on-the-go and throw it in the bin.


Step 3

Go to the Click web shop and redeem your Circular UCoins. For every litter item you scan and throw away, you will be recognized with Circular UCoins (CUC)! Enjoy and Click on!


Not everything always runs smoothly! Do you want to adjust your account? Did you encounter a problem during the hours of Clicking that you can't solve yourself or is there something unclear to you? Below you will find all the frequently asked questions that can help you find your way.

How can I participate in the Click?

Anyone can participate in the Click. The Click is a web application that everyone can use. You can register and get started via What you do at home you can now do on the go in a fun way.

Does my phone support the Click web app?

You need a modern smartphone to start with the Click. Best to use your default browser. If you have any problems, please try a different browser. Also check your settings to make sure you have shared your location and camera when prompted.

Partners of the Click

We support 3rd party brands that want to promote circularity, both for their employees and for their customers/consumers. The Click is there for everyone. It can also be adopted, used and promoted by any 3rd party brand and/or local & regional authorities.

If you would like to join the Click please contact us


The Click incorporates pre-sorting trajectory of street litter bins

Why is litter such a stubborn problem and

De Haan the first to “click”

The municipal administration of De Haan and Fost Plus gave the kick-off today for the Click.

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