You can make the Click anywhere in Belgium. Everyone can make the Click, any time, anywhere. We are creating a lasting change in behaviour and making sure that litter becomes a thing of the past. More and more local partners, brands, chains, cities, municipalities and organisations are actively making the Click, so be sure to check regularly to see the new partners who have joined.

They are easy to find, with a handy list under the ‘Shop’ button in your Click app. You can find your area using the Filter. You can find our national vouchers under Filter National.

Rewards from national partners and participants in nine cities and municipalities!

You can make the Click anywhere in Belgium. You can redeem your Circular UCoins for vouchers with national partners or local partners in Antwerp, Anderlecht, Blankenberge, Bruges, De Haan, Tournai, Middelkerke, Namur and Westende. Check the shop regularly and discover new vouchers.



On the coast

Litter on the beach - we don’t want it any more! Litter can end up in the sea and cause a lot of damage to fauna and flora. Life is pleasanter for residents and also for tourists with no litter on the streets, beaches and promenade.

Municipalities and cities that are actively taking part:

  • Blankenberge
  • Middelkerke – Westende
  • De Haan – Wenduine
  • Brugge - Zeebrugge
  • Torhout 

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In Flanders

As well as boosting the local economy, our goal is to get everyone involved in tackling litter locally in our cities. Antwerp has become the first major city to make the Click. More and more cities are following Antwerp’s example. Our app motivates everyone to make the mental “click” that will prevent litter.

Municipalities and cities that are actively taking part:

  • Genk
  • Torhout
  • Aalst
  • Brugge 

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In the Brussels region

Anderlecht has become the first Brussels municipality to actively make the Click. Our goal is to get the entire Brussels region actively making the Click. This will encourage local partners and provide an effective approach to litter in our capital and its 19 municipalities.

  Municipalities and cities that are actively taking part:

  • Anderlecht

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In Wallonia

Namur and Tournai have actively made the Click in Wallonia. People often enjoy food and drinks outside the home in these cities. To manage all that packaging and the associated recycling, the Walloon capital, Namur, made the Click in September 2021. Tournai has followed Namur’s example. Representatives of other municipalities have shown a lot of interest in the Click. Keep an eye on the pink bins and get ready to install the app.

Municipalities and cities that are actively taking part:

  • Namen
  • Doornik
  • Luik - Liège 
  • Waver - Wavre 
  • Éghezée


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