Things aren’t always easy! Do you want to modify your account? Have you encountered a problem while Clicking? Below you will find all the frequently asked questions, to help you along the way.

The Click app

Everyone over the age of 12 can participate in the Click, free of charge, throughout Belgium. The Click is a free app that everyone can use. Download the Click app for iOS or Android, register and get started right away. You are already doing it at home, but now you can do it any time, anywhere. Thank you for making the Click.

You need a modern smartphone to start using the Click app. You will also need access to the App Store or Google Play store. Check your smartphone settings to ensure that your location and camera are shared when prompted. In the menu for individual app permissions (settings → scroll down → click on The Click), change your location permission setting to ‘Always’.

We have taken all reasonable steps to protect your personal information: Register via the app. To activate your account, click on the activation link in the e-mail you receive from us. Log in via the app and get immediate access. We respect all the existing privacy and GDPR rules.

  • Collect litter and scan or take a photo of it to receive a reward
  • Scan or take photos of your own empty packaging on the go
  • Order vouchers you have earned via the web shop
  • View your Click history
  • Claim awards to earn Circular UCoins faster
  • Map: you can record your walks and indicate whether the area was clean or not
  • Inbox
  • View transactions
  • Your profile

No, you don’t have to purchase the Click app. The app is free for everyone who registers.

You can use the Click app throughout the territory of Belgium. Would you like to use the Click app outside Belgium? Send an e-mail to

You can submit a complaint via the contact form,

or send an e-mail to

You only need a modern smartphone and an internet/4G connection.

No, it’s not possible to register without an e-mail address. You only need your e-mail address to register; this guarantees the security of the app.

You can make the Click anywhere in Belgium. The Click conducts marketing campaigns. In some cases, you can earn double points if you are in a specific geofenced zone. You can keep track of when these campaigns are active via our social media channels.

Scanning or photographing litter

Once you have logged into the Click app, you can either scroll through the menu or press the scan button in the middle. Via the scan button in the middle, you can get started by clicking the start button. Your camera is then activated and you can scan the barcode on the piece of litter. If the item does not have a barcode, you can photograph it (using the pink button on the right with a camera icon).

We need your location to verify which Click zone you are in. We regularly conduct marketing campaigns, and you can earn extra Circular UCoins in some areas. We respect your privacy at all times.


Your smartphone will ask you to share your location when scanning an item. Make sure you allow this.

How many clicks can I make?

Each new user can make 50 clicks in the first week.

If you use clicks correctly (waste or empty packaging on the move), you can get more clicks every week, up to a maximum of 250 clicks per week.

By waste, we mean: cans, bottles (glass and plastic), drinks cartons, paper, cardboard, posters, cigarette butts, chewing gum, other plastic products, etc.

By week, we mean Monday to Monday.

Products with barcodes can be scanned: 15 clicks per user per minute.

Products without barcodes can be photographed: 15 clicks per user per 60 minutes.

Waste or your packaging photographed on the road will be checked and you will receive your CUCs within 3 working days.

You can share all your Click activities on social media and encourage others to make the Click. Follow our social media channels and share our posts whenever possible. We are stronger together, working to eliminate litter.


You can share on social media that you are now part of the Click. Everyone who registers will receive an initial balance of Circular UCoins as a welcome gift. Include links to the App Store and Google Play store so your friends and family can find the app quickly. Thank you.

Hotspots enable you to earn more Circular UCoins. Other initiatives will be launched on an ad-hoc basis.

You can move up a tier from Starter to Advanced to Champion by being an active Clicker. In each tier the number of Circular UCoins you earn per item goes up by one Circular UCoin.

If we don’t recognise your item’s barcode, we will check your submission. It will then be approved or rejected. Circular UCoins will only be added to your account for approved Clicks. We guarantee that these Clicks will be approved within five working days.

Manage your account

Register by downloading the Click app and entering your details. You only have to enter your details and click on register. We will send you a welcome e-mail with a temporary password. You can then log in to complete your registration and change your password.

Once you have registered, you can log in to your account. Go to the login page and enter your e-mail address and password. Press the button to log in, and you can start Clicking.

In your app, go to ‘My Profile’. You can change your details under ‘Profile’. Press the button to save your details.

Go to the login page and press the ‘Forgotten password’ link. Enter your e-mail address and press the button. You will receive a temporary password via e-mail to regain access to your account.

In your app, go to ‘My Profile’. Press the ‘Password’ header. Enter your current and new password. Press the button to save your new password.

In your app, go to ‘My Profile’. You can change your e-mail address under ‘Profile’. Press the button to save your details.

This is not a problem. Your account is stored in our database. You can log in to your account again from your new phone.

Register again and create a new account.

You can remove the app from your phone at any time. You can delete your account and unsubscribe from the Click. You can send us a message via this contact form. We will complete the process within five working days.


In the event of illegal use of the application, we have the right to suspend your account. You will no longer be able to earn or redeem CUCs for rewards.


By illegal use of the application, we mean :

- You are not allowed to open multiple accounts on the Click app (To use the Click app, you must register and set up your account by completing the account registration form in the app. You must enter your name and e-mail address. You can only register once. You must provide us with true, accurate, complete, and up-to-date information. You are responsible for the information you provide.)

- You may not scan or photograph the same bottle/packaging more than once (only 1 scan or photo per product).

- You are not allowed to make clicks in supermarkets or on products in your home (e.g. in the refrigerator or storage areas).

Note: If you are going to clean litter outside your home and take it home to scan, however, this is permitted.

- It is forbidden to scan "false" barcodes (the product itself must be visible).

- It is forbidden to scan packaging that is still closed or complete.

Circular Ucoins

You can earn Circular UCoins by picking up litter, scanning or taking a photograph of the item, and then throwing it in a bin. You can use the Circular UCoins you earned in the web shop to purchase vouchers offering all kinds of rewards.

Yes. You can make the Click anywhere in Belgium and earn UCoins.


Open the Click app and log in to your account.

Pick up a piece of litter and press the ‘Scan’ button. Share your location and activate your camera when prompted.

If there is a barcode on your item, bring it close to the camera. If your barcode is recognised, it will be scanned. If the barcode cannot be scanned or your item doesn’t have a barcode, take a photo of it instead. We will ask you to identify the type of litter from a suggested list. Your Click will either be automatically approved or checked manually.

Once your Click is approved, you will earn Circular UCoins.

Depending on which tier you have reached, the earn rate for each item is fixed. As you move up a tier, your reward for each approved Click will increase.

You receive five Circular UCoins as a registration bonus. After that, you will receive a number of Circular UCoins per Click, depending on your tier.

  • Five Circular UCoins when you Click in tier 1: Starter
  • Six Circular UCoins when you Click in tier 2: Advanced
  • Seven Circular UCoins when you click in tier 3: Champion

In hotspot zones, you can receive extra Circular UCoins depending on the campaign.

Once you have logged in, you will see your Circular UCoins balance in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen. You can also find your Circular UCoins balance in ‘Overview’ under ‘Transactions’.

Everything linked to your Circular UCoins account can be found in ‘My Clicks’ on the start page. You’ll find your vouchers, e-mails and transactions under ‘Overview’.

You can only use your Circular UCoins in the shop, which has a wide range of vouchers you can redeem.

No. Circular UCoins can only be earned by Clicking litter or your own empty packaging on the go.

No. You can only redeem your Circular UCoins for vouchers in the shop.

Log in to your account and click on ‘shop’. Browse the categories or search for relevant offers. Once you find a voucher you like, add it to the basket and press ‘buy’ to complete the order. An order confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. Your new voucher(s) will be displayed in ‘Overview’ under ‘Vouchers’.


Every voucher is assigned a different number of Circular UCoins (CUC). You will see the amount shown next to the voucher. You can also filter vouchers by amounts based on your current CUC balance.

Log in to your account and click on ‘shop’. You can click on an available voucher to view it. Purchase the voucher you want. Your voucher is now in ‘Overview’ under ‘Vouchers’. You can show the voucher on your smartphone to the relevant outlet (shop/leisure/food etc.). You can redeem it by pressing the ‘Redeem’ button in front of the participant.

The vouchers can be used with specific local participants/partners. You will find detailed information in the voucher description. You can also choose from several national vouchers in the shop. Click on the filter button and choose National.

The vouchers in the shop have a specified validity date. You can see when the offer will expire.

Vouchers are valid for five days from the date of purchase.

Vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be shared.

Vouchers can only be used once.

No, this is not possible. Once a voucher has been purchased, it must be used or it will expire. Circular UCoins are deducted from your balance automatically.

By picking up more and more litter. You will reach a new tier when you exceed the number of items that have to be Clicked to open a new tier.

  • Starter: 1 - 50 items
  • Advanced: 51 - 150 items
  • Champion: +150 items

Once you have earned a tier, you remain in this tier even when you redeem your points. If you are inactive for 3 consecutive months, you lose your *title* tier and move down one tier.


Fix a problem

Try resetting your password. Go to the login page and press the ‘Forgotten password’ link. Enter your e-mail address and press the button. You will receive a temporary password via e-mail.


Make sure you have an active internet/4G connection. If the app does not open, you can delete it from your smartphone and reinstall it via the App Store or Google Play store.



If an item can’t be scanned, you can take a photo of it and indicate the item type.

Your voucher is in ‘Overview’ under ‘Vouchers’ in the top left-hand corner. They will stay on the ‘Vouchers’ page for a maximum of five days. You can view and download them there.

Be careful when purchasing vouchers, as they cannot be refunded or replaced.

A welcome e-mail would have been sent to your e-mail address with a temporary password. Unless the other person has access to your e-mails, they will not be able to log in. If you want to be extra safe, you can reset your password.

Become a partner

You can find information on our ‘The Click Partners’ web page.

You can contact us via this contact form.

How can I report a problem?

You can report a problem via the contact form.


To take part in the Click, go to and register.