Goodbye litter

The Click is the ultimate motivation to “click” to a different mindset and prevent litter. We provide you with rewards when you pick up litter or throw your own food and drinks packaging in the right bin when you are out and about. Thanks to the app, everyone can Click any time, anywhere, alone or in a group. You will also receive Circular UCoins per item. Doing the right thing has never been more fun!

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  1. Pick it up! And be sure to hold on to your own empty packaging until you come to the next litter bin.
  2. Open the Click app and scan the barcode on the packaging. Barcode missing or illegible? No problem! Take a photo of the litter.
  3. Then throw the rubbish in the right bin.
  4. Hurrah! You receive Circular UCoins as a reward.
Fles wordt gescand

How does the Click work?

1. Download the free app on your smartphone or tablet

De Click namen

2. Scan or photograph litter or your own empty packaging when you are out and about

Scan the barcode using the Click app. If there is no barcode, take a photo. Everything is Click-able! Bags, bottles, cans, cigarette butts and paper tissues.

Do you have questions about scanning litter?


3. Collect Circular UCoins and enjoy nice perks.

Have you collected enough Circular UCoins? Great! To claim your reward, visit our web shop and choose a voucher. Vouchers may give you rewards from partners, discounts on municipal services or even charitable donations. There are plenty to choose from! More and more cities and municipalities, brands, chains and organisations are making the Click, so be sure to check regularly to see the new vouchers that are available.
You receive five Circular UCoins as a registration bonus. After that, you will receive a number of Circular UCoins per Click, depending on your tier.

  • 5 Circular UCoins when you Click in tier 1: Starter
  • 6 Circular UCoins when you Click in tier 2: Advanced
  • 7 Circular Ucoins, when you click in tier 3: Champion


Do you have questions about Circular Ucoins?

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The Click works for everyone

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Cities and municipalities

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The Click app

Make the Click in 1 minute.

  1. Download the app for The Click on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Create an account.

  3. Done! Scan or take photos of litter or your own empty packaging and collect Circular UCoins.


  • Scan bar codes.
  • Photograph packaging or other pieces of litter without a barcode.
  • Order vouchers using the Circular UCoins you have earned.
  • Redeem vouchers with partners.
  • Find active locations where partners are offering rewards.
  • View your Click history.

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Frank meyers

I can clearly see that the Click is having an effect here in Blankenberge. I take the same route every day and I am definitely seeing much less litter since the Click was launched. I am a fan and have already collected 9,500 Circular UCoins.

sebastian UK

The first weekend after I downloaded the app, I sprang into action immediately. I collected a whopping 285 Circular UCoins in the first weekend.