The Click can create a tailored offer for you.

  1. Set up a Click community with your employees. Who can Click the most? That should cause some healthy competition!
  2. Why not have a clean-up day as an annual team-building event? That’s good for team spirit and good for the environment too.
  3. Motivate your customers to Click. Corporate social responsibility is more than just a buzzword.
  4. Offer a voucher in the app to reward people who dispose of their litter correctly.
coca cola



As a company, you are actively showing your employees and customers that you are committed to dealing with litter.


Your company will have a positive image because you are helping to reduce litter.

zwerfvuil weggooien

Life is pleasanter when there is less litter.


The ideal tool for team building in an easy and interactive way.

These companies and brands have already made the Click. Have you?

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