The Click in your city or municipality?
How do we do it?

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1. Infrastructure

The Click gives a boost to the existing infrastructure. We take a close look at the litter bin plan and liven up bins in strategic locations with our iconic pink jacket. These create an extra incentive for passers-by to put their litter in the bins. That is not all. The contents of those litter bins on the street are pre-sorted. This means that recyclable materials are separated from residual waste in a special installation. The packaging follows the usual path through the recycling chain, together with PMD waste that is collected door-to-door in the blue bags. The Click is not only an effective way of tidying up the public space, but it also leads to more recycling of packaging.

2. Communication

Together, we draw up a communication plan to persuade local partners and organisations to offer vouchers in the app and to encourage as many citizens as possible to make the Click. We use a wide range of methods to motivate people: we contact local influencers, establish social media channels, take photographs and film at local events, etc.

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We are stronger together. The aim is to create a close-knit community where all parties are working to reduce litter and the local economy benefits as well.

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Blankenberge really cares about making our city a pleasant, fun, beautiful and, above all, clean place for residents and tourists. By working together with the Click, we are tackling the problem of litter efficiently and effectively.